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Vehicles, Drivers & Scheduling

Do the drivers use an app on their phone or is this web/browser based?
You'll create accounts for each of your Drivers allowing them to log into their account on their phones. Everything about BDP was designed to be used on a mobile device as well as a tablet or desktop computer.
What should we do if a customer wants to schedule a delivery while in our physical store?
Orders can be created by an employee using a computer already at your checkout area. Alternatively, a customer may elect to use their own phone with an employee available for questions. You could also consider establishing a BDP-specific tablet/kiosk for on-site ordering.
Can I combine customer orders with (fee-free) company jobsite deliveries?
Yes! We've developed an "internal" delivery option that makes it possible to share your schedule between customer orders and your own landscape jobsite deliveries. A number of these can be entered each month free of transaction fees.
Our large-volume truck is only available on Wednesdays & Thursdays. How would this work?
We built our system out so that vehicles can be enabled/disabled depending on the day of the week. Once set up, a customer requesting a large volume delivery would only be presented with Wednesday and Thursday time slot options.
Some days we have multiple drivers on the schedule. How do orders get split up between each person/truck?
Our "Driver Dashboard" is set up such that each logged in driver can "Assign" deliveries to themselves based on their particular vehicle's capacity and order details.

Pricing & Fees

Do you have different plans for different sized businesses?
At this time we offer a single, all-inclusive plan. Whether you do 5 orders a year, or 5000, you'll have access to every feature we offer as well as any/all updates.
Are there any other transaction fees, besides the BDP service fee?
Stripe (credit card processor) will take their standard 2.9% + $0.30 on each transaction. The BDP service fee is in addition to this amount. See our Pricing page for details.
Are there any other fees required to use your service?
No, nothing else is required. However, we strongly suggest that you consider creating/enabling a Twilio account to enable sending customer SMS messages. This allows you to pick a local phone number for delivery-specific messaging.
How much does it cost to include SMS notifications?
We partner with a 3rd party (Twilio) that has a pay-as-you-go (2023) pricing model for sending SMS. They charge $1.15/mo for a local phone number (of your choosing) as well as $0.0079 cost per message. This new numer is only used for one-way SMS messaging with your customers. If you do ~1000 deliveries, a rough estimate would be about $55-65/year (<~$5.25/mo) in collective SMS & phone number fees.

Orders, Fulfillment & Miscellaneous

Do I need to stock my own materials, or can I pick up from another vendor?
You can do all of the above. It makes no difference whether you create/stock your materials or just pick items up from other vendors, or both. Products can be enabled for delivery only on certain days to match vendor availability.
When customers order from me, what will they see on their credit card statements?
When you set up your Stripe Account, you'll be able to customize exactly what customers see on their statements. There will be no reference to BulkDelivery PRO.

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