100% Free Setup. No monthly fees.

We created our pricing model to support small, large, and seasonal delivery businesses. No credit card required and no subscription fees. We only get paid when you do.

Revenue-based Transaction Fees

  • 5%
    $0 - $40,000 (Gross Revenue in USD)
  • 4%
    Above $40,000 **
  • 3%
    Above $80,000 **
  • 2%
    Above $120,000 **

** Tiered transactions rates are calculated annually and reset each year on the anniversary of your account creation.

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One plan to rule them all

All-in-one platform

To help BulkDelivery PRO™ run smoothly and to cover the cost of services like customer support and new feature development, we charge a service fee when an order is confirmed.

Our service fee starts at 5% per order/delivery. Lower transaction fees are unlocked (see table) as your revenue increases throughout the year.

The more you make, the less we take.

Pricing Questions

Do you have different plans for different sized businesses?
At this time we offer a single, all-inclusive plan. Whether you do 5 orders a year, or 5000, you'll have access to every feature we offer as well as any/all updates.
I'm not sure I totally understand your pricing model. Can I talk to someone?
Absolutely, we're 100% available to answer any pricing questions and run scenarios for your specific business. You can use the form on our Contact Page or give us a ring at (406) 552-3022.
Can I combine customer orders with (fee-free) company jobsite deliveries?
Yes! We've developed an "internal" delivery option that makes it possible to share your schedule between customer orders and your own landscape jobsite deliveries. A number of these can be entered each month free of transaction fees.
Do you really offer free, in-person, setup services?
Yes, absolutely. We want to make sure you get off on the right foot with BDP and one of our team members will personally guide you through getting your account fully enabled to start taking delivery orders.

Ready to dive in? Start accepting online orders immediately.